“Planet Earth 2” Clip Shakes Viewers

The first episode of “Planet Earth II,” the follow-up to the legendary BBC documentary series, aired last night in the UK and this morning everyone’s talking about one particular sequence that was filmed on the Galapagos Islands.

In the sequence, newborn iguanas emerge from under the sand as dozens of deadly racer snakes slither after them to wrap around them, crush them and eat them – though some get away. One in particular was filmed in a two-minute sequence that’s sweeping social media conversation about the program.

When the crew reportedly saw the snakes for the first time, they were too shocked to film – and even host Sir David Attenborough claims to have never seen anything like it.

The “Planet Earth 2” crew completed 117 shoots in 40 different countries around the world. The latest series was over three years in the making and was a combined total of 2089 shooting days between the different crews. The remaining episodes will continue to air on BBC One over the next few weeks in the UK and will air in global markets later this year/early next year.

Source: The Mirror