Pixar Will Not Adapt Marvel Superheroes

Fans of Marvel and Pixar have long talked about the possibility that with the two companies now both under Disney corporation’s umbrella, we’d one day see a Pixar film based on a Marvel comic property.

Disney chief Bob Iger briefly gave fanboys hope last year saying “We’ve talked about [a Marvel/Pixar team-up] internally, Pixar boss John Lasseter talked to the Marvel guys about this and they all got excited about it. We think there’s ultimately some exciting product that come of that.”

Now however, Lasseter has shot down that possibility in an interview with IGN. Asked if there was any chance of a collaboration, the Pixar chief says “No, not at Pixar. We have The Incredibles, so we’ve done superheroes here ourselves.”

He adds that the reason being is that they like to have the story ideas come from the filmmakers themselves, a move Disney has supported them on – “with Pixar it’s like, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.’ It’s a filmmaker-driven studio. All of the ideas come from the filmmakers themselves. Working with the filmmakers on ideas.”