Pixar Teases “Soul” & “Onward” At D23

Pixar Teases Soul Onward At D23

Pixar was the next cab off the rank at the Walt Disney Studios D23 panel with two films to promote opening next year, both originals.

“Soul” is the newest feature from director Pete Docter (“Up,” “Wall-E,” “Inside Out”) and is said to be a cartoon about metaphysics which also has a jazz theme. The story follows Joe Gardner, a middle school teacher who always wanted to play jazz. He auditions on piano at a famous jazz club and shortly after winds up falling down a manhole.

In the film, souls are trained at the You Seminar. Once ready, souls graduates and go out into the world. After the accident, Joe’s soul ends up back at the You Seminar where he meets Soul 22 who has never made it to Earth after hundreds of years. The storyline follows the pair’s attempts to get Joe back to earth.

The cast has been announced with Jamie Foxx as Joe, Tina Fey as Soul 22 along with Phylicia Rashad as Joe’s mother and both Questlove as Curly and Daveed Diggs as Paul. Most exciting, “Soul” will feature music from Jon Batiste and Oscar-winners Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.

Also shown was “Onward” which has been set in a modern fantasy world and tells the story of two elf brothers. Stars Tom Holland (as Ian) and Chris Pratt (as Barley) were on hand to introduce and eight-minute sizzle reel, as was Julia Louis-Dreyfuss who play the pair’s mother.

Director Dan Scanlon says the film is a personal journey drawing from his relationship between him and his own brother growing up without a father. Pratt said: “I feel like Tom is a little brother to me, and you see that reflected in this movie. To share this experience with someone you love, you can look at them and say ‘Holy S–t can you believe this is happening'”. Holland adds: “Last time we were here, we were space buddies fighting on Titan. Now we’re elf buddies fighting in LA”.

Holland also addressed the “Spider-Man” news that has been the talk of this week, saying: “Its been a crazy week, but I want you to know I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and I love you 3,000.”