Pixar Develops “Planes”, 3D Re-Releases

“Cars” may be Pixar’s creative low-point, but its ancillary revenue streams like merchandising have raked in billions for the company over the years.

Thus it comes as no surprise that the company is reportedly developing “Planes”, a semi-sequel/spin-off that will be the company’s first followed through foray into the lucrative direct-to-video arena reports Movieline.

Both “Toy Story” sequels at one point were previously slated to go direct to video before development was shifted into making them theatrical releases. With “Planes” the company can “leverage the Cars brand without diluting its bigscreen appeal”. In fact the upcoming “Cars” sequel could prove a hell of a tie-in to help promote it.

At the same time Pixar is looking into doing 3D conversions of their older films, specifically “Ratatouille” as director Brad Bird “is very open to some changes, you know, some very subtle changes but slight reframing” says “Toy Story 3” stereoscopic imaging supervisor Bob Whitehill says Bleeding Cool.