Pixar Cancels Its “Newt” Project

The Disney/Pixar production “Newt” has been cancelled according to Disney archivist Dave Smith via The Pixar Blog.

Smith said “the film has been cancelled” in response to a question regarding the film’s deletion from the latest supplement to Smith’s Disney encyclopedia “Disney A to Z”.

First announced in April 2008, Gary Rydstrom was lined up to direct and co-write the script with Leslie Caveny with a Summer 2011 release planned. The story followed the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet – a Pixar rom-com if you will.

Later that year, the film was pushed in favour of the pointless but likely more profitable “Cars” sequel. All was quiet until a comment earlier this year by animation industry insider Floyd Norman indicated the film “was dead”. Then the company’s 2012 line-up was announced last month and “Newt” still didn’t appear.

Now comes as direct a confirmation as we’re likely to get.