Pixar Announce “Dinosaur,” “Inside Out” Cast

The voice cast of Pixar’s 2014 feature “The Good Dinosaur” was announced at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim this morning.

John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris and Judy Greer will all lend their voices to the work, while Lucas Neff will voice the lead character of an Apatosaurus named Arlo.

The story explores the idea that the asteroid missed Earth 65 million years ago, and dinosaurs have now evolved.

The voice cast of their 2015 feature “Inside Out” was also announced.

The story is set inside the mind of a young girl who moves to San Francisco, so the characters will essentially be different emotions.

Lewis Black plays Anger, Amy Poehler plays Joy, Bill Hader play Fear, Mindy Kaling plays Disgust, and Phyllis Smith plays Sadness.

Source: Twitter]