Piven At Heart Of “Entourage” Film Dispute

In recent days, we’ve seen “Entourage” cast and producers publicly duelling over the size of the cast’s salaries for the proposed movie based on the HBO series.

Now it seems to have been revealed who set this whole thing off – Jeremy Piven. Piven already closed his deal earlier this month to reprise his Ari Gold role in the movie, a deal that is decidedly more lucrative than what is being offered his co-stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon.

During the series run, Piven’s deals were always worth more than his co-stars as he was the biggest name attached to the series.

For the movie, the four holdouts want pay more comparable with Piven. However, the studio will not allow the film’s budget to go over $30 million so the show’s producers have to “hold the line” as it were.

Adding pressure is that the production has qualified for a California tax credit, but has to begin production by January or it will lose it.

The situation is similar to what happened with the “Sex and the City” movie where co-star Kim Cattrall held out for more pay. It worked, and the film went on to gross $415 million worldwide.

Source: THR