Pittsburgh Stops For “The Dark Knight Rises”

Much of Pittsburgh’s central business district is about to undergo some major shutdowns – all in the name of the next Batman film reports The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The area, affectionately nicknamed the Golden Triangle, will see street and sidewalk closures at different points over a two week period from August 9th to 21st as shooting of elaborate outdoor action sequences for “The Dark Knight Rises” take place across twenty or so city blocks – encompassing the entire area between Liberty Avenue, Grant Street, Boulevard of the Allies and Market Square/Street.

A letter sent to Downtown property owners described some of the mayhem that will take place: “Our scenes include daytime exterior dialogue with precision driving and special effects. Our special effects include but are not limited to gunfire, sparks, squib hits, smoke, debris, air mortars and controlled pyrotechnic blasts.” On top of that, several streets will be covered in snow.

Before that, shooting will take place at Heinz Field on August 6th and more extras are being recruited for that shoot now.