Pitt Wants Fincher For “World War Z 2”

Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures are currently courting David Fincher to direct the sequel to 2013’s film adaptation of the Max Brooks anthology novel “World War Z” with “The “Social Network” director the hot choice to take over the project.

Variety reports that Fincher wasn’t keen initially but “negotiations are much further down the road” with Pitt, who not only stars but produces the film, not making offers to anyone else until Fincher is either locked down or definitely out.

Pitt and Fincher have previously teamed three times on “Se7en,” “Fight Club” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with each proving a success. The first film had a famously troubled production with the entire final act of the film reshot. However, it surprised with good reviews and strong box-office – especially overseas.

The choice of Fincher is a great one if the sequel does what the first film barely touched upon – namely returned to Brooks’ highly acclaimed source material which brought a very fresh angle to the all too familiar zombie genre.

J.A. Bayona had originally been attached to helm the sequel but has since bowed out to do the “Jurassic World” follow-up.

“World War Z 2” is currently set for a June 19th 2017 release date but that’s unlikely to stick.