Pitt To Produce “Anonymous vs. Steubenville”

Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, RatPac Entertainment and New Regency are planning “Anonymous vs. Steubenville,” a film adaptation of a Rolling Stone article about a court case over a teen’s rape in a sleepy Ohio town.

In 2012, two football players from the local high school sexually assaulted an unconscious 16-year-old girl over a period of several hours. The pair not only filmed the attack, they bragged about it on social media channels.

That put them in the sights of hacktivist group Anonymous who aimed to expose the incident that senior Steubenville officials tried hard to cover up. Ultimately the school’s superintendent, an elementary school principal and two coaches were indicted.

Anonymous hacker Deric Lostutter faces potentially ten years in prison after he leaked damning video of the assault that proved the girl was already incapacitated. On the flip side, the teenage rapists he helped catch spent only one year in jail.

Writers and directors are currently being sought for the project.

Source: THR