Pitt Considers “Kill” As Liman’s “Luna” Falls

Brad Pitt has been offered the lead role in Doug Liman’s film adaptation of the manga “All You Need Is Kill” at Warner Bros. Pictures says Variety.

The story follows Keiji Kiriya, a young recruit sent out to fight off an alien invasion and finding himself in a Groundhog Day-esque scenario of dying on the battlefield and being reborn each day.

Five months into this cycle though, he notices something different than the previous versions – a female soldier who may be the key to his escape. Dante Harper penned the script.

The project had been on hold as Liman was to direct the space heist movie “Luna” at Paramount Pictures. Co-financier Skydance however has dropped out of the big-budget project so Paramount has abandoned it.

Meanwhile ‘Kill’ has scored a new draft which reportedly fixed up some third act issues that lead to many comparisons with the video game series “Halo”. It’s not yet known if Pitt will accept the offer or not yet.