Pirates Takes $43 Million On Friday

“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” took in a smashing $43 million on Friday, not including an additional $14 million earned in the few hours of the Thursday night before previews. The result is an even $57 million taking at close of business on Friday.

Does this mean it’ll break the “Spider-Man 3” record? Too close to call right now. At the end of business on Friday (and including Thursday late night previews), “Spider-Man 3” had the slimmest edge with $59.8 million.

However with Saturday and Sunday being holidays, and the film more likely to nab a bigger slice of the family dollar than the more young-male skewing “Spider-Man”, the Saturday and Sunday totals will likely be higher than the webslingers. By how much though will determine the record, either way it’s going to be a tight race to the finish.