Pirates Swarm All Over “The Interview”

Pirates have swarmed all over Seth Rogen and James Franco’s comedy “The Interview” with high-quality digital copies of the movie reportedly downloaded at least 330,000 times within twelve hours. A big reason for that is the story has garnered worldwide attention, driving major interest in the film around the globe.

However, the four legal channels offering the film are strictly geo-locked to the United States and don’t really offer the same ‘workarounds’ that other mainstream U.S. VOD services offer which many global users take advantage of to access and pay for content not available in their territories.

The surge also comes two weeks after the shutting down of The Pirate Bay, the world’s largest site for pirated film and TV content, following a raid on their Sweden offices earlier this month.

While cyber-terrorists released lo-res DVD screener copies of several other Sony films online a few weeks ago, the rips of “The Interview” appear to be straight up rips of the digital rentals Sony has made available and thus are being distributed as 720p and 1080p high-definition versions.

Source: Variety