“Pirates 5” Pair Re-Team For Sci-Fi “Origin”

Two of the key players involved in this year’s “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” are set to re-team for the contemporary high concept science fiction feature “Origin” at Paramount Pictures.

Joachim Rønning will direct the film from a script he is co-writing with his brother Andreas Rønning, while Jerry Bruckheimer will produce. Joachim co-directed the next ‘Pirates’ with Espen Sandberg, while Bruckheimer has been involved in the ‘Pirates’ franchise from its conception.

Specifics of the plot are being kept under wraps but it is expected to be a potential franchise launcher. Joachim Rønning remains separately attached to direct the Tom Cruise-led “Methusaleh” at Warners and the viking-themed Xmas tale “Winter’s Knight” at Sony.

Source: Deadline