Piranha 3D Made For Money & Nudity

You know it’s refreshing when actors, filmmakers and marketers don’t pretend to put on airs and pretty much say straight up that the piece of exploitative cinematic trash they’ve made and/or are promoting is, well, a piece of exploitative cinematic trash.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss, who has a small role in the film, tells Hollywood News that the only reason he took a role was because the Weinstein’s wrote a huge cheque to his civics initiative at TheDreyfussInitiative.org.

Meanwhile two viral tie-in sites for the film have recently launched. One’s a flat ad for an energy drink called Pirana NRG.

The other however is the more blatant TheWildWildGirls.com, a ‘Girls Gone Wild’-inspired little site featuring Jerry O’Connell’s character Derrick, Eli Roth’s wet t-shirt judge and photos of various ladies topless or in wet t-shirts.

There’s also a 22-second video of O’Connell bleating like an idiot mixed with some topless bed jumping and random lesbian making out. It’s actually relatively tame, but probably still not safe-for-work though.