Piracy Uses 24% Of All Online Bandwidth

A new report commissioned by NBC Universal reveals that 23.8% of the total bandwidth used by all internet users is in regards to pirated content (namely films, TV shows, games and music).

The study was conducted across three key regions of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific – an area consisting of 82.6% of all internet users and 95.1% of all bandwidth consumed.

The study focused on the month of January 2013 when it claims around 432 million users sought pirated content in a single month. At the same time, approximately 13.9 billion page views were recorded on web sites focused on piracy.

178.7 million unique users used bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution, while 96.3 million uniques were through video streaming services and “cyberlocker” sites.

Source: Screen Daily