Pierre Morel Swaps “Dune” For “Ouija”

“Taken” and “From Paris with Love” director Pierre Morel made headlines in the blogosphere earlier this week when he bailed on the long-gestating new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi literary classic “Dune”. Now it seems he’s found a replacement adaptation to focus on – a board game.

According to Heat Vision, Morel is said to be extremely close to being locked in as director on “Ouija”, the film adaptation of the Hasbro board game where groups of people try to contact spirits that is aiming for a November 2012 release.

Morel has apparently beat out the likes of John Moore (“Max Payne”), Scott Stewart (“Legion”) and Sylvain White (“The Losers”) for the gig, though he’s also said to be in tales for the Sam Raimi-produced alien invasion feature “EDF” for Warner Bros. Pictures. It’s unclear presently which project will move forward first.

As for “Dune”, the troubled production is unlikely to get underway before Spring which is when Paramount has to put the film into turnaround if it hasn’t begun filming the project.