Photos: Thor, Faster, Switch, Arthur, Paris

A shot of the Hall of Asgard set in “Thor” from a recent issue of The Los Angeles Times (via Slashfilm) reveals Loki wearing his horned helmet in the film. There’s also stills of some of the supporting cast in the Dwayne Johnson action thriller “Faster”, Betty White in “You Again”, and Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston in “The Switch”.

Next today are some new set photos including Russell Brand in the “Batman Forever” Batsuit complete with nipples, and Luis Guzman in an ill-fitting 60’s Robin outfit on the set of “Arthur”. There’s also Dane Cook and Christian Slater on the set of “Guns, Girls and Gambling”, more action on the “Transformers 3” set, and Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson shooting Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”