Photos: Johnson, Pratt, Hunnam Go Shirtless

A healthy slab of beefcake has been served up over the weekend with the release of some interesting photos showcasing the stars of three major tentpoles showing off their buff bods.

First up, Dwayne Johnson has tweeted another new shot from the set of the “Hercules” film in which he stars. The shot also showcases some costumes and props from the Brett Ratner-directed film.

Next, comedian and actor Chris Pratt has been using a combination of six months of exercise and dieting to get into shape for Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. He used his Instagram account to post a shot of his buff torso.

Finally, Warner Bros. Pictures are continuing the promo push for “Pacific Rim” which included the release of a bunch of new photos last week. One of them included “Sons of Anarchy” star and the film’s lead Charlie Hunnam also showing off what several months of working out has done to his body.