Photos: Hiddleston’s Audition To Play Thor

Tom Hiddleston has become synonymous with villainy as Loki, what remains to date the most well-received antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was a time though when he tried to play someone else, namely Thor.

When casting was underway for the first “Thor,” Hiddleston auditioned for the title role. At the time he was mostly known for working with “Thor” director Kenneth Branagh on the first two series of the BBC’s “Wallander”.

Of course the role ultimately went to Australian soapie star Chris Hemsworth, yet Hiddleston’s effort was well regarded enough he was brought back in to play Loki.

Now, the upcoming Blu-ray release of “Thor: The Dark World” includes Hiddleston’s original audition for the role. With a tanned bare chest, long blond locks, and twenty extra pounds of muscle that Hiddleston put on for the audition – he looks a far cry from the pale, thin, dark Loki.

The video of the audition hasn’t gone online as yet, but animated GIFs from the clip have. See those below:

Source: Buzzfeed