Photos: Gotham’s Mr. Freeze, Supergirl’s Kal-El

The DC universe on the small screen is getting a little bigger shortly as new images and a new promo today have highlighted the arrival of two key characters from DC comics to two of the biggest series based on the same universe.

First up, the first photos are out of Daniel DiMaggio as a young Kal-El before he becomes Superman on CBS’ “Supergirl”. This particular episode airs on Monday and sees Kara attacked by an alien parasite and having visions of her family back on Krypton including her younger beloved cousin Kal-El.

Then there’s, a new promo and some new set photos have shown off “House Of Cards” actor Nathan Darrow in full Mr. Freeze costume for the upcoming second half of the second season run of Fox’s “Gotham”.

That show returns with all new episodes from February 29th with villains such as Matches Malone, Clayface, Calendar Man and the return of Fish Mooney said to be showing up.