Photo: “X-Men” Post-Credits Scene Actor

Eighteen-year-old Montreal-based newcomer Brendan Pedder has been revealed as the actor who starred in the key post-credits scene of this past weekend’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.


The scene itself features a young man using his mutant powers to assemble the pyramids in Egypt whilst a crowd below chants “En Sabah Nur”. Off in the distance is the silhouette of four horsemen – indicating this is the world’s first mutant who is named Apocalypse. Apocalypse serves as the main villain in the next installment “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

Director Bryan Singer shot the scene after production wrapped and Pedder was cast as the all-powerful mutant for the short scene. Here’s a photo of the pair together on set:

The film’s writer/producer Simon Kinberg believes that the actor will not return, and will be recast with a better known and likely older actor as it’s insinuated this post-credits sequence takes place in ancient times.

Meanwhile, VFX company Framestore has released some alternate design concept art for the Sentinels.