Photo: Tyler Hoechlin As Superman In “Supergirl”

A week after talking about his responsibility towards the character and admitting he hadn’t tried on the suit yet, the first photo has been released of “Teen Wolf” and “Everybody Wants Some” actor Tyler Hoechlin in costume as Superman in The CW’s “Supergirl”.

Kiersten Ronning designed the costume which Hoechlin will wear as the Man of Steel whom was only seen in silhouette or text message form last season, but will now become a likely recurring character throughout the second year.

The reveal comes as it has been revealed that it’s Supergirl who is the key element to this year’s four-show crossover event involving all of The CW’s DC Comics-inspired series.

Speaking about the logistically insane crossover at Comic Con last weekend, executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells CBR that an external threat from outside the shows that will necessitate Supergirl coming over to “The Flash”, then “Arrow”, then “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Hoechlin makes his debut in the season premiere in early October, with the crossover set to happen around early December.