Photo Teases Whisperers On “Walking Dead”?

Author Robert Kirkman at New York Comic Con last weekend suggested that AMC’s apocalyptic drama “The Walking Dead” will eventually get around to one of the comic’s most intriguing creations – the Whisperers.

In the comics, The Whisperers are a murderous cult of survivors who have no actual desire to kill the living dead and walk among the zombies themselves wearing suits made from the skin of actual walkers.

Going by the timeline of the comics, this particular group isn’t expected to show up until the end of the eighth season of the series, but a new photo released on social media today for the seventh season premiere seems to suggest an earlier appearance.

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

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The image is close to an iconic moment in the comics when The Whispers decide that Alexandrians are getting too close to their land. They kidnap and kill a group of survivors and put their heads on spikes to mark a border for their land – in the process killing off several characters currently alive in the AMC TV series.

However the comic still has multiple storylines to deal with including the introduction of The Kingdom, more of The Saviors threat, and more with the Hilltop group. The series returns October 23rd.