Photo: Jovovich, Jaa In “Monster Hunter”

Photo Jovovich Jaa In Monster Hunter

Action star Tony Jaa has shared a new official photo from the Namibian set of “Monster Hunter,” filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming film adaptation of the popular video game series. Jaa and Milla Jovovich can be seen in the shot alongside an oversized sword familiar to those who play the game.

The story centers on the leader of a UN military team named Artemis (Jovovich), who is transported to another realm populated by monsters. There she meets the Hunter (Jaa), with the two teaming up to close a portal to prevent monsters from attacking earth.

Ron Perlman, T.I. Harris, Diego Boneta co-star in the film which will include familiar faces and beloved characters from the games like the Admiral. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer, Dennis Berardi and Martin Moszkowicz will produce.