Photo: Guess The “Star Trek Beyond” Aliens

In “Star Trek” lore, April 5th is the day in 2063 when Zefram Cochrane launches his experimental ship with the first human-built warp drive – introducing humanity to the rest of the universe.

To mark the date, “Star Trek Beyond” director Justin Lin has today posted a photo of two actors playing two of the new film’s alien species along with announcing a competition. What’s interesting is the caption with the photo which suggests the two aren’t mere extras but rather secret cameos of people who’ve worked with Lin before (likely on the “Fast and Furious” films):

“Here I am hanging with two of my favorite people to ever work with. I know this will probably be a tough one since the casting of these two actors hasn’t been announced yet and you won’t find them listed on IMDb. So here’s a hint – I’ve worked with them both before STB. Good luck.”

A few hours later Lin offered an update saying several people guessed correctly and they’ve won a t-shirt and posters from the film. The identity of the two actors will be revealed at a later date. The film itself opens July 22nd.