Photo: Chris Pine On “Wonder Woman” Set

The first photos have gone online of both Chris Pine and actor Said Taghmaoui on the set of the “Wonder Woman” film which just began production.

Pine plays Steve Trevor, the love interest of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the film. His garb also seems to confirm reports that at least part of the film will be set during World War I.

Taghmaoui’s role in the film is unknown, it wasn’t even known he was involved until these photos popped up on social media. These pics would seem to suggest Pine’s Steve Trevor won’t be making it into the present day action of the DC Extended Universe.

The second half of the film is rumored to take place in the present day with Wonder Woman trying to stop an Ares-instigated third World War from taking place. Patty Jenkins helms the film which hits cinemas on June 23rd.