Phoenix Almost Set For “Doctor Strange”?

Various names have been rumored for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” film with the most high profile being that of Joaquin Phoenix. At last report Phoenix was said to be in early negotiations to star, but since then there’s been nothing aside from last week’s talk of Jack Huston being under consideration.

That may change shortly as the time to lock down an actor for the film is arriving and Phoenix’s deal looks like it is approaching the final hurdle. According to Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, Phoenix and agency reps this morning say the deal hasn’t been finalised yet, and there’s still a few last details to work out. He did confirm that Phoenix and Marvel met this week about it.

Phoenix could still bail, the multi-picture commitment likely being the sticking point, but for now it seems the studio has only him in mind and we’ll know either way in the next few weeks whether Joaquin Phoenix will play the Sorcerer Supreme.