Phillips On “Due Date,” “Hangover 2”

Director Todd Phillips says that editing is underway on “Due Date”, his first project since the massive success of “The Hangover” reports Coming Soon.

Robert Downey Jr. and ‘Hangover’ scene-stealer Zach Galifianakis star in the comedy and apparently the crew were “all in awe of Zach… he’s totally different (in ‘Due Date’) than he is in ‘The Hangover'”.

At present the film runs at lengthy 125 minutes which he plans to cut down to an even 100 – “I always subscribe to: it should be 100 minutes. So, that’s always around where it lands… Editing you have to be ruthless on yourself” says Phillips.

The director also says he’s currently working on the script for “The Hangover” sequel which plans to start shooting this Summer for a Memorial Day 2011 release. Don’t expect a return to Vegas though.

“What’s really ultimately appealing about ‘The Hangover’ is these four guys and their interaction. It’s not even Vegas. It’s not so much the device as it is the characters… you can take those guys and put them somewhere else and go through a new set of situations and circumstances and hopefully it’s just as interesting” said Phillips.