Phillip Morris Too Gay For Arbor Day?

Those who think being gay is no longer an issue these days certainly don’t work for film companies it would seem.

“I Love You Phillip Morris”, the black comedy starring Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey which first premiered at Sundance last year, has been delayed yet again according to The Los Angeles times.

Originally set for March 26th this year, the project got pushed back a month to April 30th. Now a spokeswoman for distributor Consolidated Pictures Group says that the film won’t be coming out at the end of the month “and there is no release date scheduled at this time.”

“Bad Santa” filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa helmed the based on a true story feature about a charismatic conman who escapes the Texas prison system on four separate occasions and is in love with his cellmate.

The film’s unapologetically edgy comedy and showcasing an affectionate gay male relationship at its heart has lead to some divided though generally positive reaction at its festival premiere and subsequent screenings.

Though films can and do sit on a shelf for years without distribution, the fact that such a high-profile release is experiencing this treatment has raised a few questions about both the state of the independent distribution market and the reasoning behind the shelving whether it be financial, marketing, or something not yet clear.