Phillip Morris Struggles For US Release

Despite citing no sources, The Times Online recently reported that the $13 million Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey-led gay-themed comedy “I Love You Phillip Morris” may do direct-to-DVD in the US because “it is considered too risque.”

The film, penned and directed by the writers of the pitch-black 2003 cult comedy “Bad Santa”, premiered at Sundance to generally good reviews. The story follows Steven Russell (Carrey), a married policeman from Texas, who comes out of the closet and then becomes a conman to fund his flamboyant gay lifestyle.

Dent to prison, he meets and falls in love with the shy Phillip Morris (McGregor). Upon Morris’ release, Russell escapes from prison four times to be reunited with him.

TLA Releasing marketing director Lewis Tice says he believes the graphic homosexual sex depicted in the film has turned off distributors – “The depiction of the sexual activity was far more than I’ve ever seen in a mainstream film with a mainstream celebrity. There’s a graphic sex scene in the first 10 minutes that I was surprised to see.”

Britain is one of a handful of European countries where a deal has been secured to show the movie and will be released this Summer. In the US however, the film is apparently undergoing re-editing in a last ditch attempt to find an American distributor. If it fails to do so, it will go straight to DVD.