Phillip Morris Gets Another Delay

The Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor-led black comedy “I Love You Phillip Morris” has been delayed yet again in the U.S., this time over a legal row.

ABC News reports that producers EuropaCorp are claiming that the film’s U.S. distributor Consolidated Pictures is alleged to owe them $3 million in advance payments. The distribution agreement between the pair was amended earlier this year to allow Consolidated to pay in three installments, but EuropaCorp claims it still has yet to receive any money.

So, last month EuropaCorp filed a lawsuit alleging breach of contract and copyright infringement. Consolidated has responded claiming EuropaCorp had not delivered the film on time and had breached its own agreement by entering into distribution agreements with several airlines.

EuropaCorp is looking likely to succeed in its case though as they have been granted their request for an injunction with an arbitration to follow in the next two months. The film is now looking likely to be pushed back from late July to sometime in October at the earliest.

“Bad Santa” filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa helmed the based on a true story feature about a charismatic conman who escapes the Texas prison system on four separate occasions and is in love with his cellmate.

The film’s unapologetically edgy comedy and showcasing an affectionate gay male relationship at its heart has lead to some divided though generally positive reaction at its festival premiere and subsequent screenings.

Consolidated picked up the film in 2009 and has postponed the film’s release at least three times (February to March to April to July), sparking media claims of concern over a backlash from select religious and familial lobby groups who often demonise and protest gay-themed films.