Philip K. Dick’s “Second Variety” Gets A TV Series

Reel One Entertainment has picked up the rights to author Philip K. Dick’s “Second Variety” with David Titcher (“Houdini and Doyle”) set to adapt the novella for television.

The story follows events after the U.S. develops a military weapon with artificial intelligence to defeat its adversaries but finds that the lethal killing machines eventually take on a life of their own.

The property was previously adapted for the screen in 1995 as the Peter Weller movie “Screamers”. Titcher will pen the series and will executive produce alongside Antony I. Ginnane.

Projects based on sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s work are in vogue, with “Blade Runner 2049” well reviewed, and Amazon and Channel 4 anthology series “Electric Dreams” bowing on the small screen early next year.

Source: Variety