Phil Noyce Leaves Earhart Biopic

Australian director Phillip Noyce (“Clear and Present Danger,” “Dead Calm”) tells Moviehole that he was set to direct a film about famed American aviator Amelia Earhart but pulled out of the project late last year.

“I had worked on Amelia for five months from July to end of December 2007, finding all the locations and extensively storyboarding the flying sequences – When it didn’t appear that the film was going ahead, I had to make a painful decision to move on and returned to a project that had long fascinated me… Mary Queen of Scots. Scarlett Johansson will play Mary in a film to be shot on location in Scotland, England and Ireland during 2008.”

Noyce confirms that Oscar Winner Hilary Swank will still star in the Earhart film and she’s the only one that can pragmatically pull it off – “Personally, she’s the only person I could ever see in that role. An American Icon playing an American Icon.”