Phantasm Remake Dead, Sequel Possible

In an interview with Dread Central, “Phantasm” film series creator Don Coscarelli says that one potential and ambitious planned sequel to his films about the killer balls and the Tall Man is sadly dead in the water:

“I hate to tell you this, but as of now the epic “Phantasm” project, which was originally called “Phantasm 199″9 and had a script by Roger Avary, will definitely not be made. The screenplay was hyper violent, epic in scope, had a terrific role for Bruce Campbell in it, but we just couldn’t find a studio exec who was visionary enough to see the potential.”

A sequel is hopefully still in the works though – “The fans and the cast members are always asking me when the next one’s going to be, so we rolled around ideas and finally we have a screenplay written. It’s really quite interesting in that it answers a lot of questions amazingly; now it’s just a question of finding the opportunity to get this thing going.”