Peyton Offers “Lobo” Film Update

Filmmaker Brad Peyton (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) is out doing promotional rounds for the Dwayne Johnson-led disaster epic “San Andreas” and discussion turned to a project he signed up to a few years ago – a film adaptation about DC Comics’ galactic biker antihero Lobo.

Since his signing onboard though, Warners has laid out their plans for a DC Cinematic Universe over the next few years, a bunch of films of which Lobo does not seem to be a part. Asked by Coming Soon about what’s happening with the movie, Peyton admits that even with a completed script, those studio plans have put “Lobo” on the back burner for now:

“I think what’s happening with DC is that they have prioritized what they need to make first in order to kind of lay the foundations for the DC Universe. This is what I believe is happening just from what they’ve been taking about. They’re talking about ‘Justice League,’ ‘Batman v Superman,’ and going into ‘Flash,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ and ‘Aquaman.’ Those are kind of the pillars of that universe.”

“It’s one of those things where, creatively, you and I get it, but there’s a lot of people that don’t quite get that. It’s a real uphill battle to talk people into spending a lot of money to do things correctly… I was really happy with the script, [though]. I talked with Dwayne [Johnson] about it. Joel Silver and I had a really amazing meeting about it. I did a rewrite of the script and was really, really excited for it.

In their estimation, though, he wasn’t one of those main guys… That’s fair enough. I think that, to do any kind of comic book universe correctly, you do need to establish, ‘Here’s the tone. Here’s the main people.’ Then we can grow offshoots from there. With Marvel, they’re now doing smaller characters like ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ They obviously had to start, though, with their big guns and set up ‘The Avengers.’ I kind of feel like that’s where DC is now. They’re setting that team up.”

I think there’s going to be a really amazing time for ‘Lobo’ and I think people are going to realize, certainly once they revisit it, what they’re sitting on. But you never know. I’m really happy with the project and where we got it and fingers crossed it comes to fruition at some point.”

When it does go ahead, Johnson isn’t expected to be apart of it as he’s already committed to playing Black Adam in “Shazam”.