Petition Wants Zack Snyder For “The Batman”

With Warners’ “The Batman” film now needing a director, one obvious but highly contentious candidate comes to mind – Zack Snyder. The filmmaker kicked off the whole DCEU film universe and is responsible for helming three of the five produced films so far.

At the same time, much of the blame for the DCEU’s problems also lie squarely at his feet even though the disappointing reaction to David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” showed that Snyder can’t be entirely to blame for the shortcomings.

Snyder also has his fans and now a new petition has been launched by film enthusiast Jennifer Huneycutt on asking for that. As of posting this article, she has scored 1,742 supporters for her cause.

Amongst the arguments are “having a bunch of different directors work on a single series is just asking for trouble” (Marvel & “Harry Potter” would disagree), the style and tone that he’s already set (a desaturated aesthetic that’s been frequently debated), and his dedication to being faithful to the material (reviews have complained of him being too slavish).

Affleck, Geoff Johns and Chris Terrio have worked on the script for the film which Affleck will executive produce, though there have been rumors that Affleck could bail on the entire DC movie universe.

The petition comes as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” production designer Patrick Tatopoulos shared some stellar concept art of a bat creature who was originally going to be part of Bruce Wayne’s nightmares. Likely the same ‘Knightmare’ scene with the evil Superman and his insect soldiers.