Petition Tries To Save Third “Tron”

Word came Friday that Disney Pictures had cancelled “Tron: Ascension,” the proposed third film in the “Tron” franchise. Despite the success of “Tron: Legacy”, the studio had been seemingly reluctant on green lighting another one.

Then came reports a few months back that production was aiming to kick off in the Fall and at least three cast members along with director Joseph Kosinski would be returning. Sadly Disney’s decision to axe it, not long after the underperformance of “Tomorrowland” at the U.S. box-office, has been met mostly with a reaction of bitter disappointment.

Now, an online petition at by fan Lucas Lowman has asked Disney to revive the project and has scored over 13,000 signatures so far and counting. The petition is seeking 15,000 signatures and states this:

“Tron: Legacy grossed over 400 million dollars and helped more fully realize the world created in the original Tron. It’s a shame that Disney has elected not to move forward with a third Tron film as the universe is ripe to be explored. Sign this petition so that we may show Disney that The Grid is too great to never be shown again and to prove that Flynn lives.”

Fans have also been voicing their support on Twitter under the hashtag #FlynnLives. Disney has yet to indicate why they’ve officially decided not to move forward, hopefully the signatures will potentially mean the studio will at least discuss why it was cancelled.