Peter Segal Talks Shazam! Movie

Peter Segal, the director of the upcoming feature film take on classic sitcom “Get Smart”, tells IGN Movies that he plans to “stay very faithful to the source material” of another adaptation he’s set to direct – “Shazam!” reports IGN Filmforce.

“I think in even some of the best dramas, there’s always a sense of humor that you can bring to it…it is a 13-year-old boy who becomes a superhero, and I think there is an element of ‘Big’ in that and I think there always was in the comic book” says Segal.

He adds that the film is “going to have a very serious tone with moments of humor and I think it’ll be somewhere in between Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.”

As for talk that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would play the villainous Black Adam? “We were looking for something else to do together… I don’t have a draft to show him yet. But I just started telling him the story and I thought that he might be a great Black Adam.”