Peter Jackson Mulls DC Or “Rings” Return

Filmmaker Peter Jackson has been keeping quiet in the years since “The Hobbit” trilogy was released, but now he’s reportedly weighing between two quite different options for his near future work slate.

A tweet by TheOneRing.Net reports that discussions are underway with Jackson and his New Zealand crew about whether to play in the DC Universe with a superhero film, or to return to Middle-Earth to be a part of the upcoming massively budgeted Amazon TV series based on Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” literary universe.

The obvious question is which DC property is Jackson considering? Many of the immediate ones have helmers in place, as do some in development, though one possibility is the long-rumored “Man of Steel” standalone sequel.

It has previously been reported that Jackson is considering joining Amazon’s series which is expected to cost the online retail and streaming giant somewhere in the realm of around a billion dollars once the bills are all added up.

Jackson will be returning to screens in a producing capacity later this year with the “Mortal Engines” film opening late Summer.