Peter Gabriel Pulls Out Of Oscars?

Peter Gabriel has just pulled out of performing at the Academy Awards show next weekend reports Deadline Hollywood Daily.

In a letter to the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, the co-writer and performer of Wall-E’s “Down To Earth” says he doesn’t think the nominated are getting enough respect during this year’s telecast.

As is widely known, the ceremony this year is being massively revamped by produces Larry Mark and Bill Condon to try and halt the continually eroding audience figures for the telecast.

Rather than separate performances, this year’s ceremony will utilie a medley of the three songs nominated with each song alotted 90 seconds in the medley.

Gabriel however says he was only being offered 65 seconds for his song which “I don’t feel that is sufficient time to do the song justice, and I have decided to withdraw from performing” he says.

The song will still be performed during the ceremony, but no word as yet as to who will replace Gabriel on the vocals.