Peter Capaldi Set For More “Doctor Who”?

Has Peter Capaldi signed on for a second season of “Doctor Who”?

Both Metro and The Mirror reported the other day that Capaldi has signed up for both the ninth season of the show and this year’s Christmas Special.

I attended a media screening of the season premiere episode “Deep Breath” this morning here in Sydney with Capaldi in attendance. The actors wrapped filming the upcoming eighth season only last Wednesday and were on the fourth stop of their seven city, five continent tour following screenings/events in Cardiff, London and Seoul.

Capaldi was asked about returning for a second series in a rather hostile way by another journalist, and smartly responded by playing it coy – avoiding saying either way if he was or wasn’t, and that the show would go on. A more friendly follow-up question though lead to him confirming he will be in this year’s Christmas Special.

Showrunner Steven Moffat has previously indicated that ninth season will repeat the upcoming eighth season’s formula of a straight, uninterrupted run of around a dozen episodes in the late Summer/Fall rather than splitting up seasons as has been the norm in recent years.