People Didn’t Realise “Artist” Was Silent

Every few months there’s a colourful story of some cinemagoers who demanded their money back because they didn’t have the most basic understanding of the film they were about to see.

Amongst the more memorable cases – those who didn’t realise “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” wasn’t in English, those who had no idea “Sweeney Todd” was a musical, and parents who took their kids to R-rated films like “Kick Ass” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” because they thought they were family films.

More recently there’s been the case of the woman upset enough to launch a lawsuit because “Drive” wasn’t the “Fast and Furious” spin-off she thought it would be. There’s also been at least two reports of people getting upset by “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” not being the “fun holiday chick flick” they expected.

Now it seems in the UK some filmgoers haven’t quite figured out that Michel Hazanavicius’s Golden Globe-winning “The Artist” is a silent movie according to The Daily Telegraph.

The word started when a cinemagoer at Liverpool Odeon was asked if she knew it was silent before she went in. She laughed and replied of course but then asked why they had asked her.

Turns out some people complained and asked for refunds because there is no sound on the film and used a smaller screen size to give it a more authentic silent movie feel. A spokesman later confirmed the report, saying “Odeon Liverpool One can confirm it has issued a small number of refunds to guests who were unaware that The Artist was a silent film.”

The exhibition chain gives customers the first 10 minutes of a film to complain in order to get a refund. The next likely story of this type will be in March in the U.S. when undoubtedly some people will not figure out that the Will Ferrell-led “Casa de mi Padre” is entirely in Spanish (with subtitles).