People Are Hot For “Lost In Space” Robot

Though critics only sort of liked it, Netflix’s “Lost In Space” has found an audience who appreciate its position as one the few family-friendly sci-fi series out there.

All though have praised the quality of the show’s production values, including its new take on the robot which looks more akin to the Geth of the “Mass Effect” game franchise than the original 1960s series version.

In fact some are REALLY liking that robot, not unlike the way people were appreciating the sex appeal of the fish man in “The Shape of Water” and Pennywise the Clown in “IT”. The comments about the robot, and his shapely ass, have gotten so out of hand that Netflix itself has crafted a video responding to the fan talk.

You can check out the video below. Netflix’s “Lost In Space” reboot is currently streaming on the platform.