Pegg Talks Getting Help For His “Trek” Script

With the original script chucked out, there was a ticking clock on Simon Pegg and his co-writer Doug Jung to get the script for “Star Trek Beyond” done and ready in time for the shoot.

Speaking with Coming Soon this week, Pegg revealed that he turned to crowd sourcing, or rather fanwiki sourcing, to help him out. The actor gushed about Memory Alpha, the wiki for Star Trek canon, and revealed they asked the creators for some special help whilst writing the script for the new film:

“We had the entirety of ‘Star Trek’ history at our disposal and it’s always there online. There’s an amazing Wikipedia online called Memory Alpha. It became Doug [Jung] and my resource, and the place that we’d turn to whenever we wanted to know, ‘What kind of weapons does an NX vessel carry?’ Memory Alpha has it.

We actually wrote to the Memory Alpha guys and got them to name a certain device in the movie. I sent them a letter saying, ‘Can you come up with this for me?’ In two hours, they came back with an entire etymological history of what the thing was. It’s beautiful. It’s fantastic to have that support network.”

The comment has already led to speculation by fans about the “NX vessel” Peg refers to and whether it plays a role in “Star Trek Beyond”. Pegg does say that unlike “Into Darkness” which had direct nods to “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” the new one may throw a nod toward but has no direct ties to “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”.