Pegg Picks Up Aliens In Paul

British funnyman Simon Pegg spoke with Empire Magazine this week and went into detail on his forthcoming self-written comedy “Paul”.

Directed by Greg Mottola (“The Daytrippers,” “Superbad”), the story has Pegg and his regular cohort Nick Frost as Graham and Clive – two British geeks on a pilgrimage to the annual San Diego Comic-Con.

While travelling across the Midwest in a hired RV, the pair come across a small alien named Paul who escaped from Area 51 who enlists them to find his way home. Pegg teases him as “not your average alien” and says despite the high concept the film will have “a more lo-fi indie feeling.”

At the moment he’s not sure whether Paul will be entirely CG or not – “We’re figuring it out at the moment and having real fun, working closely with Double Negative who did Shaun and Hot Fuzz and Cloverfield and Hellboy II. We’re looking to really work to find the best way to do it and to create something which is utterly believable and sympathetic and has gravity and presence and is somebody that you totally buy. He’s the eponymous hero, so he has to be amazing.”

Shooting is scheduled to kick off next April in New Mexico. His long awaited third Frost/Pegg/Wright team-up is currently titled “World’s End” and is in the works, but no details are yet out.