Peele to Produce Lorena Bobbit Series

Amazon has given the green light for “Lorena,” a four-part documentary series about Lorena Bobbitt – the woman who made headlines around the world for cutting off her husband John Bobbitt’s penis. Lorena later claimed that she committed the act after he raped her.

“Get Out” helmer Jordan Peele is attached as an executive producer on the project which will look into the notorious case and how it laid the groundwork for the modern 24-hour news cycle and increasing sensationalistic media coverage.

The series will also explore the national discussion on domestic and sexual assault in America. Josh Rofe will direct the series which marks Peele’s latest small screen project with TBS’ “The Last OG,” CBS All Access’ “Twilight Zone” reboot and HBO’s “Lovecraft County” in the works,

Source: Variety