Pearce, Foster Are “Queer” For Buscemi

Guy Pearce, Ben Foster and Kelly MacDonald will star in a Steve Buscemi-directed film adaptation of the William S. Burroughs 1952 short novel “Queer” reports Vulture

Partly a sequel to Burroughs’ first work “Junkie”, the story recounts a man’s life in Mexico City among an American expatriate crowd of college students and bar owners surviving on part-time jobs and benefits. The man is self-conscious, insecure, and driven to pursue a young man named Allerton.

“Rampart” director Oren Moverman adapted the script ten years ago and says things are still gestating – “It’s still in the early stages of the actual making because Steve, as you know, is a little busy with his show he’s doing on HBO. But once he has his hiatus next time around, after the next season, we’re going to go shoot this movie. God willing.”