Peaceable Kingdom Has Been Shelved

A few months ago “The Notebook” and “Alpha Dog” director Nick Cassavetes was attached to direct “Peaceable Kingdom”, a biopic of anti-elephant poaching crusader Dame Daphne Sheldrick, for New Line Cinema.

This week in an upcoming interview for Dark Horizons during the “My Sister’s Keeper” junket, Cassavetes was asked about his upcoming projects and confirmed that ‘Kingdom’ at least has fallen by the wayside.

“You know what? They just pulled the plug on that. I thought I was going off to Africa to do that but they didn’t want to do it…I loved it. I was surprised that they didn’t” said an obviously disappointed Cassavetes.

He’s also been tied to “Bombing Harvey”, a film about an extortion attempt by a failed gambler turned casino bomber. He’s also unsure of its future – “I don’t know. The script is written and they need to put the money up for the film. it’s a great story.”

At present the director is “very excited about something I’m writing right now and I’m just choosing between a couple of things right now.” Don’t expect an emotionally wrenching film from him soon though – “I don’t think I’m going to do any cry baby stuff for a while.”