PC Mod Turns GTA5 Into “Watch Dogs”

Riding a wave of buzz that pegged it as the successor to “Grand Theft Auto” for the next generation of consoles, Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs” was released in 2014 and ended up becoming one of its big disappointments. The hacking mechanic was intriguing but the gameplay, narrative and execution were not great.

Now, some savvy mod creators have found a way to alter the PC version of “Grand Theft Auto V” through a mod that essentially transfers Watch Dogs’ hacking mechanic and protagonist appearance to the world of GTAV. Players can explode fire hydrants, turn off street lights, disrupt helicopters, derail trains, explode NPC cellphones, remotely control cars and cause massive intersection smashes.

Footage from the mod can be seen below and the mod itself can be downloaded from links on Youtube. This comes as Ubisoft revealed a “Watch Dogs” sequel will hit stores later this year.